Breweries in Chico and Redding, California

Chico CaliforniaWhen visiting California, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to pass up visiting some of the finest microbreweries in America. These microbreweries offer a great selection of craft beer and ale that has been finely brewed in the United States of America. These companies have taken the time and the effort to ensure that they have the finest product available to the public.

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Sierra Nevada Brewery is one such example. Offering 13 different microbrews five of which are available year round, they are always coming up with something new. Sierra Nevada Brewery can be located at 1075 East 20th Street in Chico California. Sierra Nevada Brewery not only offers spectacular brew, they also have a fantastic selection of food at great prices. You are encouraged to sit down to the lunch of your choice and order one of their finest brews, such as their Pale Ale that offers a wonderful note of Orange Blossoms, which will make your trip to California much more memorable.

However crafted beer is fantastic there are several places that offer wonderfully handcrafted beer and ale, unfortunately there are several brewing companies that are not open to the public. One such brewery is The California Brewing Company, they offer handcrafted brew that is available to the public in nearly all locations. Bleach Blonde Ale can be found at most local liquor and beer suppliers and can be ordered if not available for about eight dollars for one six pack of bottles. Bleach Blond Ale is one brew that is definitely worth waiting for.

Unlike the last brewery listed, North Star Craft Brewery and Eatery is open to the public. It can be located at 1344 Market Street in Redding, California. Offering a huge selection of great food and great beer for affordable prices this is one place you can miss. Whether for lunch or for dinner, you must stop at this establishment, which is open at 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Choosing one specific brew while you are there will be hard. However trying North Star Pango will be a great start. Pango, which is a peach, and mango blended wheat ale pairs well with most salads and cheeses that they offer on the menu and are by far one of the best selections.

Chico California

One brewery that is located in Chico California has something special to offer the public, organic beer. Butte Creek Brewery located at 945 West Second Street in Chino, is a highly anticipated company. Although there is currently not much information about their work because they like to keep secrets and surprise their customers with their new brews they can be contacted by e-mail and by phone at

If by chance you feel like taking a small detour outside of Chico and Redding there is a small brewery in Napa California called Downtown Joes Brewery. This brewery offers a great selection of crafted brew. This establishment can be located at 902 Main Street in Napa. Tail Waggin Amber Ale is one of the finest selections that they have to offer. You are encouraged to enjoy some with your lunch or dinner. Although Downtown Joe’s Brewery does prefer reservation, they are not necessary if they are not busy; they will accommodate you and your party to the best of their ability as they do get a great deal of business because of their fine food and beverage. To make reservations you can call them at 1-707-258-2337.

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