Map of Michigan state with roads maps

Maps of Michigan state, sattellite map, counties, parishes, boroughs, cities, towns, villages, municipalities in Michigan.

10 Mile-Orchard Lake Shopping Center 
15-Gratiot Shopping Center 
1845 Eaton County Courthouse Historical Marker 
2 Lake 
242 Community Church 
3 Concrete Tubes Shiawassee River 
3 Lake 
8 Lake 
8 Mile-Beech Center Shopping Center 
A Alfred Taubman Center Practices Building 
A and M Farms 
A and S Farms 
A Bygone Lumbering Town Historical Marker 
A C Kairis Complex 
A C Miller Airport 
A J Wright - Waldo's Dollar Mart Shopping Center 
A L Holmes Elementary School 
A Nankin Pioneer Historical Marker 
A Philip Randolph Career and Technical Center 
A Pool 
A-Ga-Ming Golf Course 
A-Two Pool 
AA Claytor Elementary School 
Aamodt Park 
Aaron Greeley-Saint Cosme Line Road Historical Marker 
Aaron Webster Cemetery 
Aarwood Post Office (historical) 
Abbaye Peninsula 
Abbey Drain 
Abbot Residence Hall 
Abbott Drain 
Abbott Junior High School 
Abbott Road Park 
Abbott-Fox Camp 
Abendroth's Ski Trail 
Aberdeen Reformed Church 
Abeys Lake 
Abinodji Falls 
Abitosse Creek 
Abke School 
Ablaze Ski Trail 
Abraham Lincoln Library 
Abrams Municipal Airport 
Abscota Cemetery 
Abscota School 
Abson Cemetery 
Abundant Faith Baptist Church 
Abundant Grace Assembly of God Church 
Abundant Grace Covenant Church 
Abundant Joy Church 
Abundant Life Faith Temple 
Academic Building 
Academic Office Building 
Academy for Business and Technology 
Academy for Business and Technology Elementary School 
Academy of Detroit-West 
Academy of Excellence 
Academy of Fine and Performing Arts East 
Academy of Inkster 
Academy of Lathrup Village 
Academy of Michigan 
Academy of Oak Park 
Academy of Southfield 
Academy of the Americas Elementary School 
Academy of Waterford 
Academy of Westland 
Academy Steel Bridge 
Acadian Creek 
Ace High School 
Achill Post Office (historical) 
Achim Cemetery 
Acker Extension Drain 
Acker Lake 
Ackerman Drain 
Ackerman Lake 
Ackerson Lake 
Ackerson Lake School 
Ackland Lake 
Ackley School 
Acme Airport 
Acme Community Policing 
Acme Creek 
Acme Heliport 
Acme Post Office 
Acme Skyport 
Acme Station 
Acme Township Cemetery 
Acme Township Park 
ACO Center Shopping Center 
Across the Peninsula Historical Marker 
Activities Building 
Ada Bible Church 
Ada Cemetery 
Ada Christian Reformed Church 
Ada Christian School 
Ada Community Reformed Church 
Ada Congregational Church 
Ada Covered Bridge Historical Marker 
Ada Township Fire Department Station 1 
Ada Township Fire Department Station 2 
Ada Township Park 
Ada Vista Elementary School 
Adair Airstrip 
Adair Gas and Oil Field 
Adams Drain 
Adams Protestant Reformed Christian School 
Adams Square Shopping Center 
Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department - Atlantic Mine 
Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department Painesdale 
Adamson Lake 
Addams School 
Addis Creek 
Addis Lakes 
Addis Lakes Ski Trail 
Addison Community Schools 
Addison Fire Department 
Addison Fire Department - Round Lake 
Addison Junction 
Addison Methodist Church 
Addison Millpond 
Addison Oaks County Park 
Addison Township Fire Department Station 1 
Addison Township Fire Department Station 2 
Addy Drain 
Adelaide Island 
Adeline Sims Grave 
Adelphian Academy 
Aden Mead Park 
Administration Building Historical Marker 
Administration/Classroom Building 
Adray Sports Arena 
Adrian Center Cemetery 
Adrian Church of God 
Adrian City Fire Department 
Adrian College 
Adrian College Historical Marker 
Adrian Creek 
Adrian Dominican Motherhouse 
Adrian Health Care Center 
Adrian Mall 
Adrian Middle School 5-6 
Adrian Middle School 7-8 
Adrian Monthly Meetinghouse 
Adrian Monthly Meetinghouse Historical Marker 
Adrian Public Library 
Adrian Station 
Adrian Temple 
Adrian Township Fire Department 
Adrian Township Hall 
Adrian Union Hall Historical Marker 
Advance Cemetery 
Advance Island 
Advanced Technology Academy 
Advantage Alternative Junior High School 
Advantage Health Clinic 
Advantage Health Physicians 
Advent Creek 
Adventure Mine 
Adventure Mountain 
AE Seaton Elementary School 
Aetna Calvary Church 
Aetna Cement Corporation 
Aetna Church 
Aetna Creek 
Aetna Post Office (historical) 
Affolter Park 
African American Cultural and Historical Museum of Washtenaw County 
African Community Fellowship Church 
African Heritage Cultural Center 
African Methodist Episcopal Church Historical Marker 
African-American Cemetery 
Afton Stone Quarry 
AG Schmidt Middle School 
Agape Christian Academy 
Agape Christian Fellowship Center 
Agape Faith Fellowship 
Agape God's Love Church of God 
Agassiz Park 
Agate Beach 
Agate Cemetery 
Agate Church 
Agate Falls 
Agate Harbor 
Agate Point 
Aginaw Lake 
Agios Athanasios Greek Church 
Agnew Corners 
Agnew Post Office (historical) 
Agnew Station 
Agogebic Ski Trail 
Agriculture Building 
Ahearn Drain 
Ahlman Lake 
Ahmeek Cemetery 
Ahmeek Fire Department 
Ahmeek Mine 
Ahmeek Post Office 
Ahmeek Station (historical) 
Ahmeek Townhall 
Ahmikwam Lake 
Aho Creek 
Ahola Creek 
Ahrens Field 
Aijalon Baptist Church 
Ailes Point 
Aim High School 
Ainger Bible Church 
Ainsworth Baptist Church 
Ainsworth High School 
Air Park North 
Air Rahe Airport 
Airbatco Field 
Airport Forest 
Airway Township Park 
Aisha Shule-WEB Dubois Preparatory School 
Ajibikika Falls 
Akers Hall 
Akiva Hebrew Day School 
Akron - Columbia - Wisner Township Unionville Ambulance Service 
Akron - Columbia - Wisner Township Unionville Fire Department 
Akron Church of Christ 
Akron Community Church of God 
Akron Fire Department 
Akron Oil Field 
Akron Station 
Akron-Fairgrove Elementary School 
Akron-Fairgrove High School 
Al Jo Farms 
Al Meyers Airport Historical Marker 
Al Overstreet Evangelistic Church 
Al Quaal Recreation Area 
Al-Ikhlas Training Academy 
Alabaster Bible Church 
Alabaster Historical Marker 
Alabaster Junction 
Alabaster Post Office (historical) 
Alabaster Station 
Alabaster Swamp 
Alabaster Township Cemetery 
Alabaster Whitney Drain 
Alaiedon Elementary School 
Alama Middle School 
Alamando Post Office (historical) 
Alamando Station (historical) 
Alameda Early Childhood Center 
Alameda School 
Alamo Township Fire Department 
Alamo Valley School 
Alan B Shepard School 
Alan G Davis Park 
Alan J Stone Center for Recreation 
Alan's Mobile Home Park 
Alanson - Littlefield Fire Department 
Alanson Area Public Library 
Alanson Cemetery 
Alanson Post Office 
Alanson Station (historical) 
Alanson United Methodist Church 
Alanson Village Park 
Alaska Baptist Church 
Alaska Bay 
Alaska Memorial Cemetery 
Alaska Post Office (historical) 
Alba Fire Department 
Alba Pentecostal Tabernacle Church 
Alba Post Office 
Alba Station 
Albain Cemetery (historical) 
Albain Drain 
Alban Cemetery 
Albany Bay 
Albany Creek 
Albany Harbor 
Albany Island 
Albee School 
Albee Township Fire Department 
Albert Drain 
Albert E Sleeper State Park 
Albert E Sleeper State Park Campground 
Albert for McMichael Middle School 
Albert J Lindberg Airport 
Albert Township Hall 
Albert Township Lewiston Fire Department 
Albert Township School 
Albertus Magnus Hall of Science 
Albino Lake 
Albion Church of Christ 
Albion Church of the Nazarene 
Albion City Hall 
Albion City Police Department 
Albion College 
Albion College Historical Marker 
Albion Department of Public Safety Fire Station 
Albion District United Methodist Church 
Albion High School 
Albion Landing 
Albion Memory Gardens 
Albion Station 
Albion Township Fire Department 
Albrandt Drain 
Albright Camp 
Albright Swamp 
Albrow Creek 
Alchin Farm Cemetery 
Alcona Canoe Rental and Campground 
Alcona Cemetery 
Alcona County 
Alcona County Court House 
Alcona County Emergency Medical Services 
Alcona County Fairgrounds 
Alcona County Library 
Alcona County Park 
Alcona County Recreation Area 
Alcona County Sheriff's Office 
Alcona Dam Pond 
Alcona Elementary School 
Alcona Health Center 
Alcona High School 
Alcona Post Office (historical) 
Alcona Station 
Alcona Township Fire Station 
Alcona Township Hall 
Alcona Township Library 
Alden B Dow Museum of Science 
Alden Depot Museum 
Alden Depot Park 
Alden United Methodist Church 
Alder Camp 
Alder Creek Drain 
Alder Falls 
Alderman Lake 
Alderson Post Office (historical) 
Alderson Station (historical) 
Aldrich House Historical Marker 
Aleck Lake 
Aleda E Lutz Veterans Affairs Medical Center 
Alembic Post Office (historical) 
Alex Drain 
Alexander Calder Fine Arts Center 
Alexander Drain 
Alexander Macomb Academy 
Alexander Macomb Historical Marker 
Alexander Music Building 
Alfen Drain 
Alfred Cemetery 
Alfred Lookout Tower 
Alfred Station (historical) 
Algansee Post Office (historical) 
Alger Bible Baptist Church 
Alger Correctional Facility 
Alger County 
Alger County Courthouse 
Alger County Heritage Center 
Alger County Sheriff Department Emergency Medical Services 
Alger County Sheriff Dept 
Alger Elementary School 
Alger Falls 
Alger Lake 
Alger Park Christian Reformed Church 
Alger Rest Area 
Alger Station 
Alger Swamp 
Alger United Methodist Church 
Algoe Lake 
Algoma Church 
Algoma School 
Algoma Township Fire Department Station 1 
Algoma Township Fire Department Station 2 
Algona Christian School 
Algonac - Harsen's Island Ferry 
Algonac - Walpole Island Ferry 
Algonac Baptist Church 
Algonac City Hall 
Algonac Clay Historical Museum 
Algonac Elementary School 
Algonac Harbor 
Algonac High School 
Algonac Mall Shopping Center 
Algonac Medical Center 
Algonac Police Department 
Algonac Post Office 
Algonac State Park 
Algonac-Clay Library 
Algonquin Falls 
Algonquin Lake 
Algonquin Lake Church 
Algonquin Lake School 
Algonquin Lake Trailer Court 
Algonquin United Methodist Church 
Alice and Jack Wirt Public Library 
Alice B Cowles House Historical Marker 
Alice C Lloyd Hall 
Alice Lake 
Alice Springs Campground 
Alicia Post Office (historical) 
Alke Paradise 
All American City First Church 
All Bright Shores 
All Faiths Church 
All Nation Congregational Church of God in Christ 
All Nation Prayer Tower Church 
All Nations Seventh-Day Adventists 
All Nations Temple 
All Saints Central High School 
All Saints Episcopal Church Historical Marker 
All Saints Polish Catholic Church 
All Seasons Village Shopping Center 
Allan College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Allegan Bible Church 
Allegan Christian Reformed Church 
Allegan City Hall 
Allegan County 
Allegan County Courthouse 
Allegan County Historical Marker 
Allegan County Park 
Allegan County Poor Farm Cemetery 
Allegan County Sheriff's Office 
Allegan Fire District Station 1 Headquarters 
Allegan Fire District Station 2 
Allegan General Hospital 
Allegan High School 
Allegan Library 
Allegan Medical Clinic 
Allegan Mobile Estates 
Allegan Police Department 
Allegan Post Office 
Allegan Road Historical Marker 
Allegan State Forest 
Allegan Street Elementary School 
Allegheny School 
Allen Avenue Christian Church 
Allen Drain 
Allen Historical Park 
Allen Park City Hall 
Allen Park Civic Arena 
Allen Park Community School 
Allen Park Fire Department 
Allen Park High School 
Allen Park Junior High School 
Allen Park Police Department 
Allen Park Post Office 
Allen Street School 
Allen Terrace Senior Housing Building 
Allen Township Fire Department 
Allen United Methodist Church 
Allen's Trailer Court 
Allencreek Post Office (historical) 
Allendale Christian School 
Allendale Family Practice 
Allendale High School 
Allendale Meadows Mobile Park 
Allendale Middle School 
Allendale Nursing Center 
Allendale Post Office 
Allendale Township Cemetery 
Allendale Township Fire Department 
Allendale Township Library 
Allendale United Reformed Church 
Allendale Wesleyan Church 
Allens Cove 
Allenton Post Office 
Allenville Post Office (historical) 
Allenville Station (historical) 
Alley Lake 
Alley Lake Park 
Alleyton (historical) 
Alleyton Post Office (historical) 
Alliance Lake Softball Park 
Alliance Mobile Health 
Allied Emergency Medical Services Bellaire Station 
Allied Emergency Medical Services Mancelona Station 
Allied Emergency Medical Services Systems 
Allied Emergency Medical Services Systems Mackinac Island 
Allied Emergency Medical Services Systems Saint Ignace 
Alligator Eye 
Alligator Eye Trail 
Alling Drain 
Allis Post Office (historical) 
Allmendinger Park 
Allouez Park 
Allouez Post Office (historical) 
Allouez Station (historical) 
Allouez Township Community Center 
Allouez Township Fire Department 
Allouez Township Hall 
Allyn (historical) 
Alma Church of the Nazarene 
Alma City Police Department 
Alma College 
Alma College Historical Marker 
Alma Family Practice 
Alma Mount Hope Church 
Alma Powell Branch Library 
Alma Public Library 
Alma Senior High School 
Alma Station 
Alma United Methodist Church 
Almas Drain 
Almeda Beach 
Almena Airport 
Almena Cemetery 
Almena Ponds State Fish Hatchery 
Almena School 
Almena United Methodist Church 
Almer Cemetery 
Almer Center School 
Almer Township Hall 
Almira Cemetery 
Almira Church 
Almira School 
Almira Township Hall 
Almira Township Library 
Almira Township Volunteer Fire Department 
Almont Airport 
Almont Camp 
Almont Community Park 
Almont Elementary School 
Almont High School 
Almont Middle School 
Almont Police Department 
Almont Post Office 
Almont Society of the New Church 
Almont Society of the New Church Historical Marker 
Almont Station 
Almont United Methodist Church 
Almont Vineyard Church 
Aloha Post Office (historical) 
Aloha State Park 
Aloha Station 
Alonzo W Bates Academy 
Aloys Bilz House Historical Marker 
Aloysius Trombley Park 
Alpena Apostolic Assembly Church 
Alpena Army Air Field (historical) 
Alpena Baptist Church 
Alpena Christian Church 
Alpena City Hall Historical Marker 
Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center Fire and Rescue Services 
Alpena Community College 
Alpena Community College-Huron Shores Campus 
Alpena Community of Christ Church 
Alpena Country Club 
Alpena County 
Alpena County Courthouse 
Alpena County Courthouse Historical Marker 
Alpena County Fairgrounds 
Alpena County Library 
Alpena County Park 
Alpena County Regional Airport 
Alpena County Sheriff's Office 
Alpena Golf Club 
Alpena Junction 
Alpena Lighthouse 
Alpena Mall 
Alpena Medical Arts PC Clinic 
Alpena Post Office 
Alpena Regional Medical Center 
Alpena Senior High School 
Alpena State Forest 
Alpena State Park 
Alpena Township Fire Department Station 1 
Alpena Township Fire Department Station 2 
Alpha - Mastodon Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters 
Alpha - Mastodon Township Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 
Alpha and Omega Church of God in Christ 
Alpha Creek 
Alpha Station (historical) 
Alpha Village Hall 
Alpine and Blackmore Drain 
Alpine Branch Library 
Alpine Court Cabins 
Alpine Drain 
Alpine Estates Park 
Alpine Family Medicine 
Alpine Golf Course 
Alpine Mobile Home Village 
Alpine Mobile Village 
Alpine Plaza Shopping Center 
Alpine Ski Club 
Alpine Township Fire Department Station 1 
Alpine Township Fire Department Station 2 
Alpine Township Fire Department Station 3 
Alpine Township Hall Historical Marker 
Alpine Trailer Park and Campground 
Alpine Village Baptist Church 
Als Lake 
Alston Apostolic Lutheran Church 
Alston Post Office (historical) 
Altermatt Park 
Altman Lake 
Alto Library 
Alto Station 
Altoff School 
Alton Bible Church 
Alton Drain 
Alton Pioneer Village Historical Marker 
Altona Riverside Park 
Alumni Building 
Alumni House and Visitor Center 
Alumni Memorial School 
Alvah N Belding Library Historical Marker 
Alvah N Belding Public Library 
Alverno Fire Department 
Alverno Fire Department Station 1 
Alverno Fire Department Station 2 
Alverno Fire Department Station 4 
Alverno Post Office (historical) 
Alverno Swamp 
Alvin Post Office (historical) 
Alward Creek 
Alward Lake 
Alward Lake Cemetery 
Alward Lake Drain 
Alward School 
Alwardt Drain 
Alwyn Downs Golf Club 
Amadon Pond 
Amadore Post Office (historical) 
Amadore Station (historical) 
Aman Park 
Amanda Moore School 
Amasa - Hematite Township Volunteer Fire Department 
Amasa Community Library 
Amasa Museum 
Amasa Post Office 
Amaung Lake 
Amazie Lake 
Amazing Grace Baptist Fellowship 
Amazing Grace Church Center 
Ambassador Bridge 
Ambassadors Church 
Amber Station 
Amberly School 
Amble Cemetery 
Amble Post Office (historical) 
Amble School 
Amble Station (historical) 
Amble Volunteer Fire Department 
Ambler Health Center 
Amboy Cemetery 
Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground 
Amelith Post Office (historical) 
America's First Bessemer Steel Mill Historical Marker 
American Academy of Pediatrics Historical Marker 
American Campgrounds 
American Fur Company Store Historical Marker 
American Indian Gospel Church 
American Islamic Academy 
American Legion Campground 
American Legion Memorial Park 
American Legion Veterans Memorial Park 
American Martyrs Church 
American Martyrs School 
American Medical Response Fennville 
American Medical Response Holland 
American Mobile Home Park 
American Montessori Academy 
American Museum of Magic 
American Museum of Magic Historical Marker 
Americana Estates Mobile Home Park 
Amerman School 
Ames Drain 
Ames Playground 
Ames School 
Amherst Park 
Amidon School 
Amik Lake 
Amish School 
Amistad Community Church 
Amman Farm 
Ammerman Cemetery 
Ammond Creek 
Amoco Oil Company 
Amos Palmer Drain 
Amos Park 
Amos School 
Amos Woodruff Historical Marker 
Amos Woodruff House Historical Marker 
Amsden Post Office (historical) 
Amspoker Drain 
Amundsan Creek 
Amway Downtown Heliport 
Amy Drain 
Amy Firth Middle School 
Amy's Escape Ski Trail 
Amy's Run Ski Trail 
Amygdaloid Arch 
Amygdaloid Channel 
Amygdaloid Island 
Amygdaloid Lake 
Anathoth Church 
Anchard Creek 
Anchor Bay 
Anchor Bay Adult Education School 
Anchor Bay Gardens 
Anchor Bay Harbor 
Anchor Bay High School 
Anchor Bay Middle School North 
Anchor Bay Middle School South 
Anchor Bay School 
Anchor Bay Shores 
Anchor Drain 
Anchor Hills Baptist Church 
Anchorage Cabins 
Anchorage Marina 
Anchorville Post Office 
Andersen Chapel 
Andersen Enrichment Center 
Anderson Bayview 
Anderson Drain 
Anderson Flats Public Access 
Anderson Lake West State Forest Campground 
Anderson Medical Center 
Anderson Memorial Church of God and Christ 
Anderson Nature Park 
Anderson Temple Missionary Baptist Church 
Andison Drain 
Andres Drain 
Andress Drain 
Andrew J Blackbird House Historical Marker 
Andrew's Alley Ski Trail 
Andrews Academy 
Andrews Estates Mobile Home Park 
Andrews Korean Church of Seventh-Day Adventists 
Andrews Reef 
Andrews University 
Andrews University Airpark 
Andrews University Historical Marker 
Andrews University Sledding Hill 
Andrus Drain 
Andrus Lake 
Andrus Lake State Forest Campground 
Angel Community Christian Church 
Angel Cove Park 
Angel Lake 
Angell Park 
Angell Post Office (historical) 
Angell School 
Angell Station (historical) 
Angels Crossing Golf Club 
Angleworm Lake 
Angling Road Elementary School 
Angling Road School 
Anguilm Creek 
Angus E Beer Middle School 
Angus Elementary School 
Angus Keith House Historical Marker 
Angusdale Stock Farm Historical Marker 
Ankodosh Creek 
Ann Arbor 
Ann Arbor Assembly of God Church 
Ann Arbor Baptist Church 
Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church 
Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church 
Ann Arbor City Hall 
Ann Arbor Country Club 
Ann Arbor Free Methodist Church 
Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center 
Ann Arbor Meditation Circle 
Ann Arbor Mennonite Church 
Ann Arbor Municipal 
Ann Arbor Open School 
Ann Arbor Police Department 
Ann Arbor Post Office-Liberty Station 
Ann Arbor Public Library 
Ann Arbor Railroad Historical Marker 
Ann Arbor REI 
Ann Arbor Seventh Day Adventist Church 
Ann Arbor STEAM School 
Ann Arbor Township Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters 
Ann Arbor Township Fire Department Station 2 
Ann Arbor Trail School 
Ann Arbor Unitarian Fellowship 
Ann Beason Purdy Groves 
Ann Kellogg School 
Ann L Dolsen Elementary School 
Anna Mae Burdi Center for Community Development 
Anna Marsh 
Anna Michen Elementary School 
Anna River 
Annapolis Park Historic District Historical Marker 
Anne Char Farms 
Annie Island 
Annis School 
Annunciation Eastern Orthodox Church 
Anrook Park 
Ansels Point 
Anspach Hall 
Antes Drain 
Anthony Park 
Anti Mason Drain 
Antioch Baptist Academy 
Antioch Township Cemetery 
Antislavery Society Historical Marker 
Antoine Station 
Antrim Baptist Cemetery 
Antrim Cemetery 
Antrim Center 
Antrim Church 
Antrim Church of Christ 
Antrim City Post Office (historical) 
Antrim County 
Antrim County Airport 
Antrim County Courthouse 
Antrim County Sheriff's Office 
Antrim Creek 
Antrim Dells Golf Course 
Antwerp School 
Antwerp Sunshine Branch Library 
Antwerp Township Primitive Park 
Anvil Location Post Office (historical) 
Anvil Mine 
Anweiler Drain 
Apel Drain 
Aplin Beach 
Apolla School 
Apollo Eleven Mobile Home Park 
Apostle Paul Missionary Baptist Church 
Apostolic Baptist Church 
Apostolic Christian Tabernacle Church 
Apostolic Church of Coloma 
Apostolic Church of East Tawas 
Apostolic Church of God and Christ Jesus 
Apostolic Lutheran Home 
Apostolic Tabernacle Church 
Apostolica Church 
Appin Drain 
Appin Post Office (historical) 
Appin School 
Apple Avenue School 
Apple Carr Village 
Apple Mountain Golf Course 
Apple Mountain Ski Area 
Apple Ridge Park 
Apple Run 
Apple Tree Mall 
Appleby Creek 
Applegarth School 
Applegate Drain 
Applegate Fire Department 
Applegate Island 
Applegate School 
Applegate Square Shopping Center 
Applegate Station 
Applegate United Methodist Church 
Applegate Wesleyan Church 
Appleton Lake 
Applewood Family Practice 
Applied Technology Center 
Apply Drain 
Apria Healthcare 
Aquila Farms 
Aquinas College Historical Marker 
Aquinas College Performing Arts Center 
Arabela United Methodist Church 
Aragon Mine 
Aral Post Office (historical) 
Arbela Cemetery 
Arbela Post Office (historical) 
Arbela Township Cemetery 
Arbor Grove Congregational Church 
Arbor Hills Country Club 
Arbor Manor Care Center 
Arbor Meadows Mobile Home Park 
Arbor Oaks Jehovah's Witnesses 
Arbor School 
Arbor Square Plaza Shopping Center 
Arbor Town Square Shopping Center 
Arbor Village Mobile Home Community 
Arborland Shopping Center 
Arbour Meadows Community Church 
Arbury Fine Arts Center 
Arbury Park 
Arbutus Beach 
Arbutus Cemetery 
Arbutus Court Park 
Arbutus Lake 
Arbutus Number Four State Forest Campground 
Arbutus Post Office (historical) 
Arc Lake 
Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club 
Arcadia Creek 
Arcadia Hills Golf Club 
Arcadia Library 
Arcadia Marina Campground 
Arcadia Station (historical) 
Arcadia Township Fire Department 
Arcadia Township Volunteer Fire Department 
Arcadia Veterans Memorial 
Arcadian Hill 
Arcadian Oak Mobile Home Park 
Archambeau Creek 
Archangelus Hall 
Archdiocese of Detroit 
Archer A Claytor Library 
Archer Memorial Field 
Archie Pond 
Archie Post Office (historical) 
Arden Park School 
Ardis Furnace Historical Marker 
Arenac County 
Arenac County Courthouse 
Arenac County Emergency Medical Services Alger 
Arenac County Emergency Medical Services Au Gres 
Arenac County Emergency Medical Services Standish 
Arenac County Fairgrounds 
Arenac County Historical Society Museum 
Arenac Eastern High School 
Arenac Post Office (historical) 
Arenac Township Cemetery 
Arend D Lubbers Stadium 
Arens Brothers Dairy Farm 
Arens Fuel Company 
Argentine Cemetery 
Argentine Church of the Nazarene 
Argentine Creek 
Argentine Elementary School 
Argentine Township Fire and Rescue 
Argentine Township Police Department 
Argentine United Methodist Church 
Argonne Hill 
Argosy Boat Line Incorporated 
Argyle Drain 
Argyle Howey Drain 
Argyle Street Park 
Argyle Township Fire Department 
Arise United Methodist Church 
Ark Grove Baptist Church 
Arkdale School 
Arland School 
Arlene Post Office (historical) 
Arlingdale Park 
Arlington Center School 
Arlington Estates Mobile Village 
Arlington Hill Cemetery 
Arlington Manor Mobile Home Park 
Arlington Square Retail Shopping Center 
Armada and Ray Drain 
Armada Area High School 
Armada Community Church 
Armada Emergency Medical Services 
Armada Fire Department 
Armada Free Public Library 
Armada Middle School 
Armada Police Department 
Armada Post Office 
Armada Township Fire Department 
Armada United Methodist Church 
Armalege Drain 
Armbuster Drain 
Armenian Church 
Armistice Day Storm Historical Marker 
Armon Drain 
Armstrong Corners 
Armstrong Residence Hall 
Arn Post Office (historical) 
Arn School 
Arn Station 
Arndt Drain 
Arnell Engstrom School 
Arnested Lake 
Arnheim Station (historical) 
Arno School 
Arnold C Ott Living Center 
Arnold Drain 
Arnold Field Airport 
Arnold Island 
Arnold Lookout Tower (historical) 
Arnold Mackinac Island Ferry 
Arnold Station (historical) 
Arnold Transit Company 
Arnot Creek 
Arnott Lake 
Arquilla Creek 
Arrance Cemetery 
Arrow Island 
Arsenault Creek 
Arsenault Lake 
Art 'n Dot Nursery and Kindergarten Place 
Art and Architecture Building 
Art and Design North 
Art and Music Center 
Artesia Beach 
Artesia Beach Campground 
Arthur Bay 
Arthur Bay Post Office (historical) 
Arthur C Hills Living Center 
Arthur Carl's Park 
Arthur Center Church 
Arthur Dodd Memorial Park 
Arthur Drain 
Arthur E Sytek Park 
Arthur Eddy Academy 
Arthur Eddy Park 
Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg Historical Marker 
Arthur J Miller Park 
Arthur J Miller Public Library 
Arthur Latham Park 
Arthur Playground 
Arthur Township Hall 
Arts Academy in the Woods 
Arts and Sciences Commons 
Arts in Academics Academy 
Arvon Lookout Tower 
Arvon Post Office (historical) 
Arvon Station (historical) 
Arvon Township Park 
Arvon Township School 
Arvon Volunteer Fire Department 
Ash Acres 
Ash Campground 
Ash Carleton Park 
Ash Center Cemetery 
Ash Drain 
Ash Technology and Learning Center 
Ash Township Fire Department Station 1 
Ash Township Fire Department Station 2 
Ashcroft School 
Ashcroft-Sherwood Drain 
Ashegun Lake 
Asher Drain 
Asher School 
Ashery Creek 
Ashland - Grant Volunteer Fire District 
Ashland Center 
Ashland Center Church of Christ 
Ashley Care Center 
Ashley Community School 
Ashley Drain 
Ashley Family Care Center 
Ashley Fire Department 
Ashley Station 
Ashman Island 
Ashman Island Seaplane Base 
Ashman School 
Ashmun Bay 
Ashmun Creek 
Ashton Station (historical) 
Askel Cemetery 
Askel Post Office (historical) 
Asmey Drain 
Aspen Commons Mobile Home Park 
Aspen Ridge Middle School 
Aspirus Iron River Hospital 
Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital Laurium 
Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital 
Asplund Lake 
Assinins Cemetery 
Assinins Post Office (historical) 
Assinins Station (historical) 
Assumption Grotto Catholic Cemetery 
Assumption Grotto Church 
Assumption Grotto Church Complex Historical Marker 
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery 
Assumption Roman Catholic Church Historical Marker 
Assyria Cemetery 
Assyria Post Office (historical) 
Assyrian Cemetery 
Asum Creek 
Asylum Lake 
Atchel Lake 
Athelone Williams Memorial Airport 
Athens Community Library 
Athens Mine 
Athens Township Fire Department 
Atherton Drain 
Atherton United Methodist Church 
Athlone Post Office (historical) 
ATI Heliport 
Atlanta Bible Church 
Atlanta Congregational Church 
Atlanta Full Gospel Assembly 
Atlanta Junior-Senior High School 
Atlanta Lookout Tower 
Atlanta Municipal Airport 
Atlanta Station (historical) 
Atlantic Mine 
Atlantic Mine Cemetery 
Atlantic Mine Post Office 
Atlas Cemetery 
Atlas Community Baptist Church 
Atlas Foodland Plaza Shopping Center 
Atlas Millpond 
Atlas Post Office 
Atlas Township Fire Department 
Atlas Valley Country Club 
Atodd Lake 
Attica Township Fire Department 
Attica Township Library 
Attwood Beach 
Attwood Elementary School 
Attwood Park 
Atwater Millpond 
Atwell Drain 
Atwood Drain 
Atwood Stadium 
Au Gres 
Au Gres - Sims - Whitney Fire Department Au Gres 
Au Gres - Sims - Whitney Fire Department Whitney 
Au Gres Airport 
Au Gres Boat Club 
Au Gres Care Clinic 
Au Gres City Park 
Au Gres Creek 
Au Gres Library 
Au Gres Medical Clinic 
Au Gres Post Office 
Au Gres River 
Au Gres River Roadside Park 
Au Gres Saint Joseph Family Clinic 
Au Gres Sims Elementary School 
Au Gres Sims High School 
Au Gres State Dock 
Au Gres Station (historical) 
Au Gres Swamp 
Au Gres Townhall 
Au Sable 
Au Sable Childrens Park 
Au Sable Creek 
Au Sable Family Care Clinic 
Au Sable Lake 
Au Sable Loop Campground and Day Spa 
Au Sable National Scenic River 
Au Sable Point 
Au Sable Point Campground 
Au Sable Post Office (historical) 
Au Sable Primary School 
Au Sable Ranch 
Au Sable River 
Au Sable River Park 
Au Sable River State Forest Campground and Canoe Camp 
Au Sable State Forest 
Au Sable State Forest Headquarters 
Au Sable Township Cemetery 
Au Sable Trout and Gun Club 
Au Sable Valley Health Center 
Au Sable Valley Homes 
Au Train 
Au Train Bay 
Au Train Falls 
Au Train Island 
Au Train Lake 
Au Train Lake Campground 
Au Train Point 
Au Train Post Office 
Au Train River 
Au Train Station (historical) 
Au Train Township Cemetery 
Au Train-Onota Public Schools 
Aubil Lake 
Auburn - Williams Fire Department Station 12 
Auburn Area Branch Library 
Auburn Care Center 
Auburn Drain 
Auburn Heights 
Auburn Hills Fire Department Station 1 
Auburn Hills Fire Department Station 2 
Auburn Hills Fire Department Station 3 
Auburn Hills Police Department 
Auburn Hills Public Library 
Auburn Hills Towne Centre Shopping Center 
Auburn Place Shopping Center 
Auburn Playground 
Auburn Station 
Auburnshire School 
Audei's Alley Ski Trail 
Auger Creek 
Auger Hill 
Auger Lake 
Augst Lake 
Augusta - Ross Township Fire Department 
Augusta Creek 
Augusta Fellowship United Methodist Church 
Augusta Station 
Augusta Township Fire Department 
Augusta Village Hall 
Augustine Lake 
Aune Osborn Park 
Aura Cemetery 
Aura School 
Aura Station (historical) 
Aura Town Hall 
Aura Volunteer Fire Department 
Aurelius and Delhi Drain 
Aurelius and Vevay Drain 
Aurelius Baptist Church 
Aurelius Township Hall 
Aurohn Lake 
Aurora Hospital Child and Adolescent Unit 
Aurora Hospital Young Adult Unit 
Aurora Ski Trail 
AuSable Finish Line Park 
AuSable Hall 
Ausable Mobile Home Village 
AuSable River Park 
AuSable Township Hall 
AuSable-Oscoda Station 
Austa Post Office (historical) 
Austerlitz Post Office (historical) 
Austerlitz Post Office Historical Marker 
Austin Blair Historical Marker 
Austin Center 
Austin Corners 
Austin Drain 
Austin Gas Storage Field 
Austin Lake Airport 
Austin Number One Mine 
Austin Number Two Mine 
Autio Creek 
Autio Lake 
Auto City Speedway 
Automotive Center 
Autrain Township Cemetery 
AuTrain Township Fire Department 
Autrain Township Volunteer Fire Department 
AUV Auditorium Historical Marker 
Auvase Creek 
Auvinen Corner 
Auxiliary Police Park 
Avalanche Mountain 
Avalon Lake 
Avant Pond 
Avaunt Pond 
Aventine Cemetery 
Avenue A Mobile Home Estates 
Averill Avenue Church of God 
Averill Church 
Averill Creek 
Averill Drain 
Averill Elementary School 
Averill Lake 
Averill Station (historical) 
Avery Early Childhood Center 
Avery Lake State Forest Campground 
Avery Station 
Averytown (historical) 
Avoca Airport 
Avon Center Hospital 
Avon Nature Study Area 
Avondale Academy 
Avondale Junior High School 
Avondale Meadows School 
Avondale Montessori Pre-Kindergarten 
Avonwood Village Mobile Home Park 
Axford-Coffin Farm Historical Marker 
Axin Post Office (historical) 
Axtell Creek 
Ayr Cemetery 
Ayr Post Office (historical) 
Ayres School 
Azalia Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 
Azalia Station 
B A Creek 
B and G Heliport 
B Beck Education Center 
B Beck School 
B C Cobb Heliport 
B Pool 
B'Nai Israel Memorial Garden 
Baarlear Landing Strip (historical) 
Babbits Resort 
Babcock Drain 
Babcock School 
Babcocks Pond 
Baby Lake 
Babylon School 
Bach Drain 
Bach Elementary School 
Bach Post Office (historical) 
Bach Station (historical) 
Bachelor Evangelical Church 
Bachelor Post Office (historical) 
Bachman Park 
Bachmayer Little League Park 
Bachmayer Park 
Backus Beach 
Backus Creek 
Backus Creek Flooding 
Backus Creek State Game Area 
Backus Lake 
Backus Lake Flooding 
Backus Township Hall 
Bacon Farm Grave 
Bad Axe 
Bad Axe Area Fire Department 
Bad Axe Church of Christ 
Bad Axe City Hall 
Bad Axe City Park 
Bad Axe Creek 
Bad Axe Drain 
Bad Axe High School 
Bad Axe Intermediate School 
Bad Axe Junior High School 
Bad Axe Museum 
Bad Axe Police Department 
Bad Axe Post Office 
Bad Axe Public Library 
Bad Axe Station 
Bad River 
Bader Drain 
Bader Park 
Badger Campground 
Badger Drain 
Badgero Drain 
Badgero Extension Drain 
Badwater Creek 
Badwater Lake 
Baerwolf Drain 
Baetcke Lake 
Bagley Inn Historical Marker 
Bagley Post Office (historical) 
Bagley School 
Bagley Station (historical) 
Bagnall Station (historical) 
Baha'i Faith of Ann Arbor 
Baha'i Faith of Holland 
Bahel Cemetery 
Bahlke Stadium 
Bai-de-wasai Cemetery 
Baie de Wasai 
Baie de Wasai Post Office (historical) 
Bailer Creek 
Bailey Cathedral Church of God in Christ 
Bailey Church of Christ 
Bailey County Park 
Bailey Drain 
Bailey Gospel Church 
Bailey Lake School 
Bailey Post Office 
Bailey Residence Hall 
Bailey Station 
Bailey's Grove Park 
Baillie School 
Baily Lake 
Bainbridge Center 
Baines Lake 
Baird Drain 
Bairds Cove 
Baker and Green Drain 
Baker and May Drain 
Baker College Muskegon Campus 
Baker College of Auburn Hills 
Baker College of Cadillac 
Baker College of Cass City 
Baker College of Jackson 
Baker College of Owosso 
Baker College of Owosso Library 
Baker College of Port Huron 
Baker College-Flint 
Baker Drain 
Baker House Historical Marker 
Baker McPherson Drain 
Baker Village Mobile Home Park 
Bakers Cabins 
Bakers Field 
Bakers Post Office 
Bakertown Drain 
Bakkala Cemetery 
Balch School 
Balcom Cemetery 
Balcom Marine Center 
Balcomb Lake 
Bald Eagle Lake 
Bald Eagle Lake Cemetery 
Bald Mountain Golf Club 
Bald Mountain State Recreation Area 
Balderson Drain 
Balduck Memorial Park 
Baldwin and Muskrat Drain 
Baldwin Commons Shopping Center 
Baldwin Congregational United Church of Christ 
Baldwin District Ranger Office 
Baldwin Drain 
Baldwin Family Health Care Clinic 
Baldwin Fire Department 
Baldwin Fire Station 
Baldwin Fish Hatchery 
Baldwin Heights School 
Baldwin Kiln Lake 
Baldwin Lake Beach 
Baldwin Lake Heliport 
Baldwin Luther Swamp 
Baldwin Municipal Airport 
Baldwin Oaks Campground 
Baldwin Observatory 
Baldwin Prairie School 
Baldwin River 
Baldwin Road Church Academy 
Baldwin Street Christian Church 
Baldwin Street Middle School 
Baldwin Township Volunteer Fire Department 
Baldy Lake 
Bale Playground 
Balice Park 
Ball and Patterson Drain 
Ball Free Church 
Ball Pond 
Ball Road Tabernacle 
Ballard Drain 
Ballard Junior High School 
Ballard Swamp 
Ballards Channel 
Ballards Corners 
Ballards Post Office (historical) 
Ballenger Field House 
Ballenger Park 
Balsam Campground 
Balsam Post Office (historical) 
Balsam Station 
Balsam Street Christian Church 
Baltic Station (historical) 
Baltimore Bay 
Baltimore Channel 
Baltimore Highway 
Baltimore River 
Balzola Field 
Bamber Creek 
Bambi Lake 
Bamfield Creek 
Bamfield Post Office (historical) 
Bamfield Station (historical) 
Bammer Lake 
Banat Post Office (historical) 
Banat Station (historical) 
Bancroft Creek 
Bancroft Farms 
Bancroft Museum 
Bancroft Noles Drain 
Bancroft Park 
Bancroft Station 
Bancroft United Methodist Church 
Bandemere Park 
Banfield Cemetery 
Banfield Post Office (historical) 
Banfield School 
Bangor Branch Library 
Bangor Center School 
Bangor Central School 
Bangor Community Fire Department 
Bangor Edison School 
Bangor Medical Center 
Bangor Middle School 
Bangor North Central School 
Bangor Police Department 
Bangor Post Office 
Bangor Primary School 
Bangor South Central School 
Bangor South Walnut Elementary School 
Bangor Township Fire Department Station 6 
Bangor Township Fire Department Station 7 
Bangor West Central Elementary School 
Bangor-Lincoln School 
Bangs Cemetery 
Banister Drain 
Bank Point Light 
Banker Cemetery 
Bankers Cemetery 
Bankers Lake 
Bankers Post Office (historical) 
Bankers Station 
Bankers Station (historical) 
Banks of Jordan Missionary Baptist Church 
Banks Post Office (historical) 
Banks Station (historical) 
Banks Township Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters 
Banks Township Fire Department Station 2 
Banks Township Hall 
Banks Township Park 
Bankson Lake 
Banner of Christ Community Church 
Bannister Post Office 
Bannister Station 
Bannister United Methodist Church 
Bansill Drain 
Banta Drain 
Baptist Church of Ensley Center 
Baptist Church of Pentwater 
Baptist Lake School 
Baptist Lake Township Park 
Baptist Park School 
Baptist Pioneer Mission 
Bar Lake Swamp 
Baraga Airport 
Baraga Area High School 
Baraga Correctional Facility 
Baraga County 
Baraga County Courthouse 
Baraga County Family Practice 
Baraga County Historical Museum 
Baraga County Memorial Hospital 
Baraga County Sheriff's Office 
Baraga Creek 
Baraga Full Gospel Church 
Baraga Marina 
Baraga Plains 
Baraga Plains Waterfowl Management Area 
Baraga Police Department 
Baraga Post Office 
Baraga School 
Baraga State Forest 
Baraga State Park 
Baraga Station 
Baraga Village Cemetery 
Baraga Volunteer Fire Department 
Barager School 
Baranski Drain 
Barb Lake 
Barbara Jordan Elementary 
Barbara Wood Building 
Barbeau Cemetery 
Barbeau Point 
Barbeau Post Office (historical) 
Barbeau Tower 
Barbed Point 
Barber Bridge 
Barber Briggs Historical Marker 
Barber Drain 
Barber Focus School of Math Science and Technology 
Barber Lakes 
Barber School 
Barbour Lake 
Barchard Lake 
Barchester Park 
Barclay Hills School 
Barclay Pond 
Bard School 
Barden Branch 
Bare Drain 
Barefoot Christian Church 
Barfield Lakes 
Barger Creek 
Barger Post Office (historical) 
Barhite Lake 
Barhitte School 
Bark Creek 
Bark Drain 
Bark River 
Bark River Bible Church 
Bark River Cemetery 
Bark River Church 
Bark River Post Office 
Bark River Station 
Bark River Township Fire Department 
Bark River-Harris School 
Barker Creek Post Office (historical) 
Barker Creek Station (historical) 
Barlow Drain 
Barn Church 
Barn Church Historical Marker 
Barn Theatre Historical Marker 
Barnabas Residence Hall 
Barnaby Drain 
Barnard Center 
Barnard Road Community Church 
Barnard United Methodist Church 
Barnes and Hecker Mine 
Barnes Avenue School 
Barnes County Park 
Barnes Early Childhood Center 
Barnes Island Park 
Barnes Lake-Millers Lake 
Barney School 
Barneys Lake 
Barnhart School 
Barnstormers 5 Airport 
Barnum Cemetery 
Barnum Creek 
Barnum Island 
Barnum Neighborhood Cemetery 
Barnum School 
Baroda Bible Church 
Baroda Church of God 
Baroda City Fire Department 
Baroda Estates 
Baroda Lake Township Police Department 
Baroda Post Office 
Baroda Station (historical) 
Baroda Township Hall 
Barr Drain 
Barre Field 
Barrett Drain 
Barrio Ditch 
Barris Lake 
Barron Lake Cemetery 
Barron Lake Post Office (historical) 
Barron Lake Station (historical) 
Barrow School 
Barry Babcock and Baker Drain 
Barry County Christian School 
Barry County Courthouse 
Barry County Extended Care Facility 
Barry County Poor Farm Cemetery 
Barry County Sheriff's Office 
Barry County Waterfowl Production Area 
Barry Memorial Church 
Barry State Game Area 
Barry Township Police Department 
Barry's Resort and Mobile Home Park 
Barryton Area Museum 
Barryton Church 
Barryton Church of God 
Barryton Elementary School 
Barryton Historical Marker 
Barryton Police Department 
Barryton Post Office 
Barryton Public Library 
Barryton Station (historical) 
Barryville Cemetery 
Barryville Historical Marker 
Barryville School 
Barstow Woods 
Bart Alternative Education Center 
Bart Creek 
Bartelle Lake 
Barth Elementary School 
Bartholomew Creek 
Bartig Lake 
Bartlett Drain 
Bartlett Lake 
Barton City 
Barton City Fire Department 
Barton City Post Office 
Barton Hills 
Barton Hills Country Club 
Barton Township Cemetery 
Barton Township Park 
Bartons Lake 
Base Line Cemetery 
Base Line Church 
Base Line Creek 
Base Line Lake 
Base Line School 
Baseline Middle School 
Baseline Plaza Shopping Center 
Basford Lake 
Basilica of Saint Adalbethert 
Bass Beach Campground 
Bass Campground 
Bass Cove Lake 
Bass Lake Airport 
Bass Lake Cabins 
Bass Lake Drain 
Bass Lake State Forest Campground 
Bass Reef Island 
Bassett Island 
Bassett Island County Park 
Bassett Park 
Basslake Post Office (historical) 
Bassriver Post Office (historical) 
Basswood Pond 
Basswood Station (historical) 
Bat Lake 
Batavia Center 
Batavia Church 
Batavia Post Office (historical) 
Batavia Station 
Batcheller Lake 
Batcheller School 
Batchelor Christ Cemetery 
Batchelor School 
Batchelor Station (historical) 
Batchelors Island 
Bateman Drain 
Bates Academy 
Bates Drain 
Bates Farm Cemetery 
Bates Fire Tower 
Bates Junction 
Bates Location 
Bates Scout Park 
Bates Township Hall 
Bath Charter Township Fire Department 
Bath Mills School 
Bath School Disaster Historical Marker 
Bath Station (historical) 
Bath Township Police Department 
Batham Drain 
Bathgate Drain 
Bathing Beach Park 
Bathtub Falls 
Batie School 
Batteese Creek 
Batteese Lake 
Battelle School 
Batten School 
Battjes Lake 
Battjes Park 
Battle Alley Historical Marker 
Battle Creek Academy 
Battle Creek Bible Church 
Battle Creek Chinese Baptist Church 
Battle Creek Christian School 
Battle Creek City Hall Historical Marker 
Battle Creek Country Club 
Battle Creek Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters 
Battle Creek Fire Department Station 2 
Battle Creek Fire Department Station 3 
Battle Creek Fire Department Station 4 
Battle Creek Fire Department Station 5 
Battle Creek Fire Department Station 6 
Battle Creek Friends Church 
Battle Creek Hanmee Church 
Battle Creek Health System - Fieldstone Center 
Battle Creek House Historical Marker 
Battle Creek Number Four Fire Station Historical Marker 
Battle Creek Police Department 
Battle Creek Post Office Historical Marker 
Battle Creek Public Farm School 
Battle Creek Sanitarium Historical Marker 
Battle Creek Station 
Battle Creek Tabernacle Church 
Battle Creek Veterans Affairs Medical Center 
Battle Drain 
Battle House Historical Marker 
Battle of Bloody Run Historical Marker 
Battle of Brownstown Historical Marker 
Battle of Manton Historical Marker 
Battle of Monguagon Historical Marker 
Battlefield of 1814 Historical Marker 
Batty Doe Lake 
Batway Drain 
Bauer Christian Reformed Church 
Bauer Community Fellowship Church 
Bauer Drain 
Bauer Road Cemetery 
Bauer Seventh-Day Adventist Church 
Bauerwood Elementary School 
Baugh Gachter Drain 
Baum Drain 
Baumann Lake 
Baumgartner House Historical Marker 
Baumgartner Park 
Baumhoff Lake 
Baumont School 
Baur Cemetery (historical) 
Baver Drain 
Baw Beese Lake 
Baw-wa-ting Historical Marker 
Bawker Lake 
Baxman School 
Baxter Bridge 
Baxter Bridge State Forest Campground 
Baxter Morgan Park 
Bay Ambulance 
Bay Area Health Clinic 
Bay Campground 
Bay Care Clinic 
Bay Care Medical Center 
Bay City Boating and Fishing Club Historical Marker 
Bay City Country Club 
Bay City Fire and Rescue Station 1 
Bay City Fire Department Station 2 
Bay City Fire Department Station 4 
Bay City Fire Department Station 5 
Bay City Gospel Hall 
Bay City Hall 
Bay City Historical Marker 
Bay City Hunting and Fishing Club 
Bay City Lake Campground 
Bay City Mall 
Bay City Rest Area 
Bay City River of Life Church 
Bay City State Park 
Bay City Station 
Bay City Waterworks 
Bay City Yacht Club 
Bay Cliff Health Camp 
Bay County Building 
Bay County Country Club 
Bay County Fairground 
Bay County Historical Museum 
Bay County Pinconning Park 
Bay County Sheriff's Office 
Bay Court Camp 
Bay de Noc Cemetery 
Bay De Noc Community College 
Bay de Noc Community College Apartments 
Bay de Noc Community College Extension Center 
Bay de Noc Community College Gymnasium 
Bay De Noc Community Colllege-West Campus 
Bay De Noe Grand Island Trail 
Bay Drain 
Bay Furnace 
Bay Furnace Lighthouse 
Bay Furnace Recreation Area 
Bay Harbor Golf Club 
Bay Meadows Golf Course 
Bay Medical Care Facility 
Bay Mills 
Bay Mills Charter School 
Bay Mills Community College 
Bay Mills Emergency Connection 
Bay Mills Fire Department 
Bay Mills Indian Police Dept 
Bay Mills Medical Clinic 
Bay Mills Point 
Bay Mills Post Office (historical) 
Bay Mills Reservation 
Bay Park 
Bay Pointe Community Church 
Bay Pointe Golf Club 
Bay Port 
Bay Port Cemetery 
Bay Port Fishing District Historical Marker 
Bay Port Police Department 
Bay Port Post Office 
Bay Port Station (historical) 
Bay Regional Medical Center 
Bay Regional Medical Center Emergency Medical Services Station 1 and 2 
Bay Regional Medical Center Emergency Medical Services Station 5 
Bay Regional Medical Center Emergency Medical Services Stations 3 and 4 
Bay Regional Medical Center West 
Bay Regional Medical Mall 
Bay Shore Estates 
Bay Shore Nursing Home 
Bay Shore Post Office (historical) 
Bay Shore Presbyterian Church 
Bay Shore Station (historical) 
Bay Shore's Nursing Care Center 
Bay Side Village Mobile Home Park 
Bay Special Care Hospital 
Bay Valley Golf Club 
Bay View Family Medicine 
Bay View Station (historical) 
Bay View/Bay View Association Historical Marker 
Bay Village Mobile Home Estates 
Baybrook Medical Center 
Bayfield Rock Range Lights 
Bayliss Public Library 
Baylor Swamp 
Bayn Cemetery 
Bayou Golf Course 
Bayport Park 
Bayshore Marina 
Bayshore Veterinary Hospital 
Bayshore Yacht Club 
Bayside Estates Mobile Home Park 
Bayside Family Medicine 
Bayside Health Center 
Bayside Mobile Estates 
Bayside Post Office (historical) 
Baysprings Post Office (historical) 
Bayview Camp Grounds 
Bayview Family Practice 
Bayview Ski Trail 
Bayview Wesleyan Church 
Bazley and Foster Drain 
Beach Buggy Lane Bridge 
Beach Drain 
Beach Field 
Beach Lake 
Beach Post Office (historical) 
Beach Road Park 
Beachwood School 
Beacon Day Treatment Center School 
Beacon Hill Post Office (historical) 
Beacon Hill Station (historical) 
Beacon Light Community Church 
Beacon Post Office (historical) 
Beacon Tree Elementary School 
Beaconsfield Baptist Church 
Beadle Cemetery 
Beadle Lake 
Beadle Lake School 
Beadle Marina 
Beagle School 
Beal City 
Beal City Elementary School 
Beal City High School 
Beal City Post Office (historical) 
Beals Frizzle Drain 
Beals Lake 
Bean School 
Beanshuttle Lakes 
Bear Campground 
Bear Creek Nature Park 
Bear Creek Village Mobile Home Park 
Bear Den Lake 
Bear Foote Farm 
Bear Golf Course 
Bear Hole Lake 
Bear Lake Cemetery 
Bear Lake Christian Church 
Bear Lake Library of Manistee 
Bear Lake Methodist Church 
Bear Lake Post Office 
Bear Lake Township Fire Department 
Bear Lake Township Hall 
Bear River Park 
Bear Swamp Ditch 
Bear Swamp Drain 
Bear Town Slough 
Bear Track Campground 
Bear Trap Dam 
Beard Early Learning Center 
Bearinger Church 
Bearinger Union School Historical Marker 
Bearpaw Lake 
Bearslee Lake 
Bearss Drain 
Beatons Lake 
Beatrice E Doser Building 
Beattie Creek 
Beattie Point 
Beaty Gym and Pool 
Beaubien Creek 
Beaubien Drain 
Beaubien High School 
Beaudette Park 
Beaufort Lake 
Beaufort Lake State Forest Campground 
Beaulah Land Christian Church 
Beaumont Medical Facility 
Beaumont Memorial Historical Marker 
Beaumont Outpatient Medical Building 
Beaumont Rehabilitation and Health Center 
Beauyan Lake 
Beaver Archipelago 
Beaver Basin Wilderness 
Beaver Campground 
Beaver Creek Fire Department 
Beaver Creek Post Office (historical) 
Beaver Creek Township Hall 
Beaver Dam Club 
Beaver Dam Drain 
Beaver Drain 
Beaver Farm Creek 
Beaver Grove 
Beaver Grove School 
Beaver Harbor Lighthouse 
Beaver Harbor Marina 
Beaver Island Airport 
Beaver Island Boat Company 
Beaver Island Campground 
Beaver Island Emergency Medical Services and Rescue 
Beaver Island Fire Department Station 1 
Beaver Island Fire Department Station 2 
Beaver Island Golf Course 
Beaver Island Harbor Lighthouse 
Beaver Island Lighthouse 
Beaver Island Lookout Tower 
Beaver Island Marine Museum 
Beaver Island Public Beach 
Beaver Island Yacht Dock 
Beaver Islands State Wildlife Research Area 
Beaver Lake Cemetery 
Beaver Lake Church 
Beaver Lake County Park 
Beaver Lake Flooding 
Beaver Lake Post Office (historical) 
Beaver Meadow Drain 
Beaver Station Lake 
Beaver Swale Drain 
Beaver Tail Bay 
Beaver Tail Creek 
Beaver Tail Point 
Beaver Tail Reef 
Beaver Township Fire Department Station 19 
Beaver Trail Park 

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